Vertical Blinds are a classic way to stylise any living or workspace whether it’s at home or the office. Vertical Blinds are a versatile and practical furnishing for your window that provides complete privacy and blockout from the sun or with a simple cord or wand operation allow the sunlight to enter your home to provide natural heating.

Our custom made Vertical Blinds are a great way to control how much sunlight enters your home and at Top Blinds we have a vast range of fabrics available to chose in both 100% Blockout or Light Filtering/Translucent that are available in 89mm and 127mm widths. We have simple plain fabrics to textured and petered fabrics to add that extra touch of elegance to your window.

PVC Vertical Blinds
If fabric is not your style, we also make custom PVC Vertical Blinds that provide the same function as fabric vertical blinds but with 89mm PVC slatting that provide an elegant touch to any room, that come in a range of colours and patterns.